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Laureate Award for Excellence in Robotics Engineering Winners Visit Leading Digital Service Startups in Argentina

In September, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) hosted the fifth edition of the Laureate Award for Excellence in Robotics Engineering in Lima. The competition’s finals featured teams from UPC, Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM), UNITEC Honduras, Universidad del Valle de México (UVM Mexico), UNIFACS Brazil, and Istanbul Bilgi University in Turkey.

This year’s theme, Industrial Logistics, challenged teams to design, program, and build robots capable of retrieving and classifying parts in a factory or warehouse utilizing a mobile platform, sensor technology, and elements of artificial intelligence. The robot’s performance functionality and design was evaluated by a committee of executives from top global robotics firms.

The final competition took place in an arena especially designed for this purpose, simulating an industrial environment where the robots had to sort and organize a company’s inventory. The challenge was to get the robots to collect blocks of different colors and organize them in their respective places, without going beyond the defined limits nor bumping into obstacles arranged in the arena.

Based on the results of their performance in the area and the judge’s evaluation, team Minsky form UNIFACS Brazil took home first place. Second and third place went to team Punnet from Bilgi and team Alacran from UEM respectively. The winners received USD 10,000 and an all-expenses paid trip to Argentina to visit some of the top digital startups in the region.

UNIFACS team Minsky visits top digital customer service startups in Argentina

As part of their first-place prize, the six members of team Minsky traveled to Argentina with the competition’s organizers and visited three major digital service startups currently disrupting the technology sector in Latin America and the world: Autodesk, Practia, and Globant.

In each visit, the team toured the company’s facilities and met with senior leaders to discuss ideas and learn about the realities of managing a startup and innovating products and business models.

“This was an eye-opening experience! Seeing these companies in action and learning from their leaders was amazing! We now have a better understanding of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology and their role is solving the world’s challenges. A life-changing opportunity indeed,”

said Minsky team member Rayanne Andrade.