Javier Gándara Delivers Course to Students at Universidad Europea

Javier Gándara, the general director of EasyJet for Spain, Portugal, Holland and Denmark, delivered a master class to students at the Alcobendas campus of Universidad Europea titled ‘EasyJet, Much More Than Planes’.

During the session, he noted that commercial aviation has changed quite a bit in recent years, going from being a luxury enjoyed by a few to becoming an option for the majority of society. EasyJet is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and has changed quite a bit since it launched its first flight. Gándara noted that many of these changes have enabled the airline to develop closer relations with its customers and support the development of tourism throughout the region. He put a specific emphasis on the liberalization of aviation in 1993, “from that moment on we were in the era of the client. Today, one has all types of options, whereas before you had to select Iberia or British Airways.”

EasyJet has developed a business model in which planes and technology play a secondary role in the group’s success. Gándara stated that while the assets and technology are important, and it is equally important to have high utilization rates for planes, it is customer service that makes the difference: “Our planes are in the air 10 to 12 hours per day, with very short periods between flights, but success depends on meeting the needs of our customers.” 

According to Gándara, “we have selected a low cost model that is focused on customer needs. This low cost model has changed the lives of many people.” During its 20 years of operations, the airline has grown from having two planes to having a fleet of more than 240. With more than 500 million searches per year on Google, Gándara stated that EasyJet is really an e-commerce company that flies planes and that their scale enables them to serve a large audience while earning a profit.