Istanbul Bilgi University Hosts the WTO Chair Award Ceremony and Conference

Istanbul Bilgi University (BILGI) is one of the 21 academic institutions that the World Trade Organization is working with to provide technical assistance and training to build the trade capacities of developing countries. Since 2010, the WTO has organized regional trade policy courses in Istanbul in cooperation with BILGI’s faculty of law and the Turkish Ministry of Economy for government officials and specialists from central and eastern Europe, central Asia and Caucasus countries. 

BILGI was selected as one of the seven WTO Chairs for the second phase of the WTO Chairs Program, one of the WTO’s flagship products that provides financial support to beneficiary institutions for a period of two years. It facilitates continuous interaction between these institutions and other think-tanks and academic institutions across the world, aiming to promote research among young scholars and to reinforce the WTO’s relationship with the national and regional academic community.

BILGI’s analytical input into the formulation and implementation of trade policy will contribute to enhancing Turkey’s participation in the international trade environment. 

The WTO Chair Holder position will be held by assistant professor Dr. Pınar Artıran from BILGI’s faculty of law. The position works to support and promote trade-related academic activities by universities and research institutions in developing and under-developed countries.