Istanbul Bilgi University hosts CERN Accelerating Science exhibition in InstanbulMinister of Slovakia Visits Istanbul Bilgi University

Istanbul Bilgi University and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) organized the CERN Accelerating Science exhibition, one of the most important scientific events worldwide, for the first time in Istanbul. The exhibition, held at the santralistanbul Campus, offered science enthusiasts impressive presentations and displays telling the 13.7-billion year history of the universe starting with the Big Bang. 

The inauguration ceremony was held at the santralistanbul campus with the participation of university officials, academics and faculty, students, and distinguished scientists. Serkant Ali Çetin, PhD, Director of the Bilgi High Energy Physics Research and Application Center, delivered the opening speech of the ceremony providing participants with an overview of the questions that particle physics research seeks answers to, the experiments conducted at CERN in an effort to investigate these questions, and how the results of these experiments have influenced science, technology and industry. 

“I hope this exhibition will be instrumental in the creation of new questions and intrigue the minds, especially for young people. A questioning and curious generation is our greatest assurance for the future,”

said Çetin.

Joining the opening ceremony via teleconference from the Atlas Experiment Lab, Emmanuel Tsesmelis, PhD, CERN’s Head of Non-Member State Relations said, “CERN-Turkey relations, which officially started in 1961, have progressed with considerable momentum and so far many Turkish researchers have made significant contributions to the work carried out at CERN. We are very pleased to see that the cooperation of Istanbul Bilgi University and CERN provided scientific benefits as well as serving the public.”

With over 500 thousand visitors in 14 different cities in 12 countries since 2009, the CERN Accelerating Science offered visitors an inspiring experience helping them discover the secrets of the universe.