INTI’s Top SAM Student is Malaysia’s Best

An ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) of 99.75 placed Tan Chia Ee, an INTI International University student who sat for the South Australian Matriculation (SAM) 2013 exam, among the top 5 percent of the world’s achievers and a step closer to her aspiration to become a neurosurgeon.

Chia Ee has been awarded the SAM Highest Achiever Award, an honor given to SAM students with the highest ATAR in Malaysia and China. She also received the SAM Subject Highest Achiever Award for biology, and the SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) Merit Certificate for biology and ESL studies. An elated Chia Ee drew inspiration from her seniors in the class of 2012, Lew Yun Xin, Chiew Chong Keat and Kenny Liew. “When I saw them receiving awards for achieving ATAR of above 99, I resolved in my heart to emulate them,” she said.

“Chia Ee actually outdid her seniors. The top student of 2012 scored an ATAR of 99.56. These results are evidence of INTI’s staff and students’ commitment to a tradition of ever-improving academic excellence,”

said Mary Ng, director of pre-university studies at INTI.

At INTI International University, 35.09 percent of the 2013 SAM exam candidates achieved an ATAR of 90 and above to be ranked among the top 10 percent in the world. Among the high achievers were Loh Wen Kai and Sam Ong who received the Highest SAM Subject Achiever Award for mathematical studies and research project respectively. SACE Merit Certificates were also presented to Sarah Goh and Tan Sue Faye for ESL studies, Sam Ong for research project, and Loh Wen Kai for mathematical studies.

The internationally recognized SAM qualification is equivalent to Year 12 of education in Australia. It allows students to gain direct entry into universities in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA and other countries. Assessment of individual subjects in the South Australian Matriculation program consists of school assessment (70 percent) and public examinations (30 percent).

The school assessment component encourages independent learning and hones the study skills needed for university. Assessment tasks including projects, assignments and laboratory work are assigned yearlong and marks are submitted to the SACE Board to be moderated during the public examinations. Public examinations are provided by the SACE Board of South Australia, a statutory authority of the government of South Australia, and developed by examination panels that include secondary school and university representatives. The examination papers are marked in Australia, maintaining the high standards.

INTI International University – the largest center for SAM in the southern region of Malaysia – is one of the few SAM examination centers in the country that are recognized by the SACE Board, which awards the South Australian Certificate of Education and administers the SAM program. INTI’s SAM graduates have gone on to complete their university education around the world, establishing successful careers in fields such as commerce, medicine, pharmacy, engineering and law.