INTI Students Recognized During Creative Design Competition

Two awards were won by INTI students in a creative design competition organized by the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID). Lucas Lim Wei Zun and the trio of Lam Bao Yi, Koh Boyang and Winnie Say Yih Ling won second prize for Fantastic Residential Design and Fantastic Table Lamp Design, respectively. The competition was held during MIID Student’s Saturday, a platform for youths to participate in creative competitions, games, seminars and lectures. 

“I submitted a design for a double-story house incorporating minimal interior space with a bright and contrasting color scheme. Each space has the potential to be extraordinary so there is no reason to look down on small space. I injected little bursts of color throughout the house and included quirky items such as a lime green TV console top, bar counter top and sky blue cushions to create life and warmth,”

said Lim Wei Zun, an interior student.

Bao Yi, Boyang and Say Yih Ling, second semester interior design students, had to exercise their collaborative, thinking and creative skills to design their table lamp. “Our design, which we call ‘The Next Generation Light’, expresses that the life we live today really impacts our tomorrow. The cubic shape represents the present. We are caged in our present yet how we live our present will determine the future. The lamp’s organic colors and shapes represent the future taking shape today. Today’s plans, actions and decisions illuminate tomorrow, bringing hope that the future will be fantastic!” said Bao Yi.

The students’ achievements reflect INTI’s efforts in fostering positive graduate outcomes. INTI Centre of Art & Design (ICAD), a new faculty at INTI International College Subang, offers career-focused art and design programs backed by state-of-the-art facilities, strong industry links and global resources for a truly world-class education. Formerly the PJ College of Art & Design (PJCAD), ICAD draws on an established legacy of creative excellence and a proven record for producing top-notch professionals.