INTI Receives Five Stars in SETARA

INTI International University (INTI) has been awarded five stars in SETARA 2013-14, the Malaysian Qualifications Agency’s rating system, which measures the quality of teaching and learning in university colleges and universities in Malaysia. INTI’s position in the “Excellent” category is a milestone achievement that demonstrates the university’s mission to champion change by reinventing education to build dynamic leaders for the future.

“This achievement reflects INTI’s efforts in fostering positive graduate outcomes. Emphasis is placed on the development of 21st century skills, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, among all our students to prepare them for the future global workforce,” said Professor Dato’ Dr. Rahmah Mohamed, vice chancellor of INTI International University.

INTI leverages new technologies to create a learning environment where students are encouraged to share, innovate and collaborate virtually. Gamification, which incorporates the mechanics of games into students’ assignments, allows INTI students to improve analytical thinking, team building, collaboration, multi-tasking and problem-solving skills and receive immediate feedback on their performance.

INTI offers internationally-recognized and career-focused programs in collaboration with leading industry and academic partners to meet the needs of today’s employers and graduates. It also collaborates with regional partners to promote international exposure, learning and goodwill. Over a hundred CEOs from Vietnam, including a group from Hanoi Manpower Planning Unit and National Economics University (NEU) Business School, visited INTI recently for the opportunity to learn about the Malaysian economy, culture and tertiary education system, and to explore collaborative prospects.

The university’s 82-acre campus university in Putra Nilai, Negeri Sembilan includes international students and faculty members from over 60 countries. INTI International University promotes not only intellectual growth through quality education, but also the opportunity for students to build lifelong friendships through various social, sporting and cultural activities.