INTI International University Conducts Survey On Gen Z In Malaysia

INTI International University recently conducted a landmark survey of Generation Z (Gen Z) in Malaysia to better understand people born between 1995 and 2009. Gen Z, also known as the ‘hyper-connected’ generation, spend an average of eight hours a day on the Internet, with some 41 percent feeling incomplete when not connected. The findings revealed that some 42 percent want to do something completely new when making career choices, 37 percent hope to turn their hobbies into a profession and 31 percent want to be entrepreneurs. They regard a successful person as someone who earns a high salary (75 percent), is happy with themselves (69 percent), is healthy (69 percent) and able to enjoy his or her career (60 percent). 

Speaking about the survey findings, Rohit Sharma, chief executive officer of INTI International Universities and Colleges, said, “As a nation, we should be pleased that Gen Z is a generation that wants to be its own GPS. They are self-starters, wanting to be entrepreneurs to carve out their own unique career path. They are hungry to acquire skills such as creativity, time management, problem solving, teamwork and leadership.” 

The study, which included qualitative and quantitative research, was commissioned by INTI and conducted via focus group discussions and in-home interviews with more than 500 Gen Z respondents from key market centers throughout Malaysia. 

The survey indicated that the biggest worries of Gen Z include finding a good job (56%), being accepted into a reputable higher education institution (44%) and their family’s financial situation (42%). With such findings, it is clear that Gen Z is well-informed and takes into consideration many external factors when deciding the next step in life. They are clearly aware (50%) that education is an essential tool to help them improve their lives and those around them. 

For more on the survey and panel discussions, visit INTI’s website.