Instituto Profesional AIEP Students Recognized for Participating in Earthquake Simulation

More than 80 students enrolled in the School of Construction and Civil Works at AIEP’s Rancagua campus were recognized with a diploma for participating in the tsunami and earthquake drill conducted by ONEMI, the National Office of Emergency Management. The drill was conducted simultaneously in the Coquimbo, Valparaíso O’Higgins and Maule regions.

The participating students were recognized for their work to support efforts in the town of Navidad. The drill was a simulation of a 8.7 Richter scale earthquake and resulting tsunami. Ricardo Medina, ONEMI’s regional director, presented the diplomas to the students and Professor Patricio Vasquez managed AIEP’s participation in the drill.

Edison Diaz, one of Rancagua’s campus directors, said, “this was a test of the commitment of the students, teachers and administrators to participate and collaborate with public groups, especially in activities that will directly benefit our region.” The ceremony was attended by the campus executive director, Roberto Urtubia and director of risk prevention, Miguel Chacoff.