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Helping Young Children in Chile to be Happy Little Ones

An inspiring group of Commercial Engineering students from Andrés Bello University are helping entertain children, encourage their creativity, stimulate their imagination and reduce their reliance on digital devices during COVID-19 quarantine.

Their social project, appropriately called Pequeños Contentos (Happy Little Ones in English), provides educational games, audiovisual materials, and craft guides for children aged from three to 10 years in Chile’s Valparaíso region.

The students from the Viña del Mar campus (Francisca del Campo, Nicolás Gago, Harald Mrugalski, Hugo Royo, Leonardo Guarda, Guillermo Silva and María Paz Velásquez), created the online resources to not only help children, but assist parents who are looking for activities to inspire their young ones.

“It is important for children to be entertained – even more so in these times when they’re home and not able to go outside to play, which can be concerning for their emotional state,” María Paz Velásquez said.

The online games and activities are taught through social media and video calls, and are an effective resource for children’s learning and development.

“How children learn today is fundamental to who they will be tomorrow,” María concluded.

Registration is free for Valparaíso children (3–10 years), through the Happy Little Ones Instagram account:

Congratulations to the Pequeños Contentos team on developing many Happy Little Ones. We’re proud to call you our Laureate Heroes.