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Helping Build a Fairer, Healthier World

April 7, 2021

The impact of COVID-19 has been harshest on vulnerable communities – those populations more exposed to the disease and less likely to have access to quality health care services.

Today, on World Health Day, Laureate students, graduates and faculty are working on the COVID-19 frontlines, helping diagnose, care for, and protect many of these people, including working as volunteers administering vaccines to vulnerable members of their communities.

From the very onset of the pandemic, the Laureate community responded to the healthcare challenges of COVID-19 and delivered on our commitment to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

In Mexico, UVM’s Psychology faculty offered free phone counseling services to distressed citizens across the country. Professors and students in seven cities assisted callers with a wide range of COVID-19 related concerns to people of all ages. Hundreds of faculty members and students have also volunteered in vaccination rollouts that have taken place at UVM campuses, vaccinating over 19,000 people a day.

While in Peru, Industrial Mechatronics students at Cibertec developed a highly functional and cost-effective mechanical respirator. The respirator is currently undergoing trials and seeks to achieve the necessary certification so that it can be used by patients in urgent need.

Cibertec – Peru | Industrial Mechatronics students developed a highly functional and cost-effective mechanical respirator.
CIBERTEC – Peru | Industrial Mechatronics students developed a highly functional and cost-effective mechanical respirator.

Also in Peru, UPN students and a professor designed a smart locker for hospital change rooms that disinfects uniforms using chemicals and ultraviolet light, therefore reducing the risk of cross-contamination in the uniforms and personal clothing of healthcare professionals.

In Brazil, thousands of people received medical advice via a coronavirus inquiry helpline operated by our UNIFACS medical students. Fifth and sixth-year students provided free phone consultations (following strict health official guidelines) to callers experiencing coronavirus symptoms or other related conditions.

At UniFG, Pharmacy students and faculty produced and donated 70% alcohol gel to health agencies in order to help keep people safe when sanitizer supplies were unavailable.

In the United States, remarkable nurses from Walden University have left their hometowns and traveled to the states with the highest incidence of COVID-19 cases, working to treat patients on the front lines and now working to immunize hundreds of people at an extraordinary rate.

At Laureate, we continue to witness the transformative power of education, and how quality education leads to excellence and expertise in fields the world relies on now, more than ever. We are proud of the role we have played in educating healthcare workers, scientists, researchers, engineers, designers and others who are working to support and help keep vulnerable communities safe during the pandemic.

On World Health Day, we honor these outstanding students, graduates, and the many thousands of others who are working in this essential field. We also honor the professors and other academic leaders who continue to inspire and enable a generation of health professionals to help build a fairer, healthier world.