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Global Survey of More Than 27,000 Students Reveals Youth Want Career-Oriented, Innovative Universities

Baltimore, Maryland — May 5, 2015 — Despite global unrest and increasing political tensions, the world’s young people are largely optimistic that higher education will result in a brighter future, according to a new index of student attitudes by Laureate International Universities and Zogby Analytics. The research follows up on a 2014 Laureate/Zogby study that was the largest international survey ever completed of student attitudes about the future of higher education.

The 2015 Laureate/Zogby Student Survey includes the responses of more than 23,000 Laureate students and more than 4,000 non-Laureate students in 22 countries and provides unique insights on students’ perceptions of their education systems. The 2015 survey provides the most comprehensive study of student perspectives on international higher education that has ever been conducted.

The 2015 survey found that students worldwide are optimistic that their education is leading them toward career success. More than 75 percent of students surveyed believe that their course of study will give them the career skills necessary to succeed. Additionally, a majority of respondents believe career and life prospects will be better for students in the future.

“Access to quality higher education is a catalyst for transforming lives and societies,” said Douglas L. Becker, the founder, chairman and CEO of Laureate Education, Inc. “Meeting students’ expectations and delivering on a promise to provide them with the skills to meet their career aspirations should be the goals of every university.”

The survey also found a near-consensus among students around the world (93 percent) that universities should work directly with employers to help teach students the skills they need to be successful.

“It is essential for employers to influence what is taught in the classroom,” Becker said. “Practical knowledge based on the needs of employers will unlock career potential for students and provide them with better employment opportunities.”

When asked about the types of changes that must be made to the traditional curriculum, two-thirds of the students responded that innovations in higher education — like career-oriented education, lifelong learning, paid apprenticeships and courses taught by employers — would help achieve their career goals. Ninety-six percent of students said they believe that their institutions should foster an entrepreneurial atmosphere.

On the basis of the 2015 survey, Laureate and Zogby developed the first-of-its-kind global Student Confidence Index, a two-part index that tracks student attitudes on the current state of higher education and its future. The index demonstrated that most students worldwide are confident that their education systems provide a quality education today and will do so in the future. Students in China (70 percent), India (69 percent) and Brazil (53 percent) all believed that innovations in higher education would occur in ways that will benefit future students. However, students in some European countries were less optimistic — including Germany (20 percent), Italy (23 percent) and France (29 percent) — about the ability of their education system to foster education innovation and generate better employment and life outcomes.

Laureate students were generally more confident than students outside the Laureate network (53 percent versus 44 percent) about the quality of higher education in their respective countries.

“This survey demonstrates that Laureate is offering the right kind of education to its growing student population,” said John Zogby, senior analyst with Zogby Analytics. “Employability is of the utmost importance to college graduates, and our survey shows Laureate students believe they are receiving all the tools they need to have a bright future in the working world.”

The Laureate/Zogby Student Confidence Index and more information on the 2015 student survey may be found here.

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