FMU’s Rector is Re-elected to the National Board of Education - Laureate

FMU’s Rector is Re-elected to the National Board of Education

Dr. Arthur Roquete de Macedo, rector of FMU Education Group, was re-elected to the Higher Education Group of the National Board of Education at an event hosted by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. The National Board of Education is a part of the government that advises the Ministry of Education and is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on the country’s educational policies.

Led by the Minister of Education Henrique Paim, the ceremony was attended by leaders from throughout Brazil’s academic community. The chief executive officer of Laureate Brazil, José Roberto Loureiro, and the chief academic officer of Laureate Brazil, Professor Oscar Hipólito, also attended.

This is the fourth time Dr. Roquete has been elected to participate in the National Board of Education. “I will continue in the council and will focus on bringing my skills and experience to help resolve issues with the education system that need to be addressed during the next four years,” said the rector. Having a member of the Laureate management team participating in this important council is an honor for Laureate and a great opportunity for Dr. Roquete to continue bringing his knowledge and expertise to help enhance the Brazilian education system.