FMU, FADERGS, and UNIFACS Students and Faculty Are Among Those Selected for International Scholarship Program

Two students, Anderson Schaefer and Gabriela de Silva Costa, along with Professor Daniel Marques, were among the 100 Brazilian higher education system applicants who were selected to participate in the “Top China” scholarship program, scheduled to take place from July 3-July 25, 2015 in Shanghai.  The “Top China” program aims to support bilateral cooperation between Brazil and China, while providing students and professors with an opportunity to earn an international experience. While in China, students enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to learn more about the language, history, and culture. Professors enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to deliver courses to Chinese students. 

Anderson Schaefer, psychology student at FADERGS, has a range of international experience, but is excited that this will be his first visit to Asia. He wants to take advantage of the 21 day visit to learn more about the local culture. “In each of my trips abroad, I have taken the opportunity to learn more about the local people and culture.” He is currently studying up on his Mandarin, hoping that it will allow him to better communicate with the people he meets.

Gabriela da Silva Costa, a journalism student from FIAM-FAAM Centro Universitário said, “China is such an amazing place and I hope to learn a lot during this visit. I was very surprised to learn that I won the scholarship, but am sure this opportunity will help me prepare myself for future success.”