Faculdade Internacional da Paraíba Gradautes First Class of Culinary Arts Students

The first class of students from Faculdade Internacional da Paraíba’s (FPB) culinary arts programs graduated this month. The program was the first of its kind to be introduced in the state and will graduate 60 chefs each semester into a market where experienced professionals are in great demand. The field of culinary arts has experienced significant growth throughout Brazil.

“Today, we are living in a new time of professionalization in this field, not only in culinary arts but also in hospitality management as a whole, a phenomenon that dates back to the 1990s,” says Rosa Moraes, director of hospitality and culinary arts for Laureate Brazil and a pioneer of higher education in culinary arts in the country at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, São Paulo. “Here in Paraíba, we are seeing the same trend as in other states of Brazil: there is great interest in culinary arts courses and, little by little, we are seeing a shift from direct mentoring in restaurant kitchens to professionalized education programs which include, in addition to practicing techniques, a lot of theory and applied knowledge,” added Moraes.

According to the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants in Paraíba (ABRASEL), during the last two years the market registered a growth of 20% percent in the state. ABRASEL also noted that the programs in culinary arts are changing the field, as recently as five years ago, nearly 90 percent of professionals had only received on the job training.

Graduates Ione Pimenta and Thiago Pimenta, mother and son, already had a well-known company in the field in João Pessoa, but sought to earn a professional qualification from FPB to increase their knowledge about managing a kitchen and a business. “We will combine our professional experience with the knowledge gained through the program to achieve even greater success,” said Pimenta.

FPB has also expanded to offer qualifications through two graduate courses. One is focused on high cuisine and another on bakery and confectionery. “FPB realizes the field of culinary arts has great potential and professionals with these skills are in demand in Paraíba. Culinary arts programs are already among the most popular programs at our institution, and in just two years we are offering two graduate programs in the field that are quite popular,” said the FPB’s director general, Clay Mattozo.