Discover a Culinary Journey from North America, across Borders with Chef Eliezer Campuzano and Chef Chris Koetke

The INTI School of Hospitality and Kendall College School of Culinary Arts, one of the top 20 culinary schools in America, today organized a culinary workshop, which centered on the theme “World on Plates”.

The special day of culinary adventure was hosted by Chef Eliezer Campuzano, Executive Chef at INTI School of Hospitality and Chef Chris Koetke, Vice President of Kendall College School of Culinary Arts. 

Across the world, there are numerous ingredients that transcend borders and cultures. However, while there are similarities among some ingredients, how these ingredients are interpreted among different people in different locations varies wildly. 

To demonstrate this, Chefs Eliezer Campuzano and Chef Chris Koetke each started with similar ingredients—Siakap and shrimp—and prepared them according to their respective culinary traditions.

Chef Eliezer, a native of Mexico City, gave a twist on a famous taco preparation from his city and prepared Siakap al Pastor. For the shrimp, he made Camarones al Ajillo. 

Chef Koetke dipped into two traditional regional recipes from the United States and created planked Siakap (traditionally made with Salmon in the Northwest), and shrimp and grits from the Carolina coast. 

INTI has constantly innovated their current courses to keep up with local demand while continue to include courses teaching international techniques. The collaboration with Kendall College furnishes students with real world experiences that help them reconcile their career aspirations with those of the industries. 

“There will always be a constant need for students to undergo real life situations, breaking away from classroom lectures and using theories learned for application in the real world.” said Cheng Mun Kid, Dean of INTI Hospitality and Culinary Arts at INTI International University & Colleges. “INTI’s aspiration, in this borderless industry, is getting young and passionate youths ready for local and international careers worldwide.” 

INTI collaborates with over 400 industry partners to ensure that students get real world exposure and experience and to hone their soft skills. The collaboration has been a success and up to 97% of INTI graduates get jobs within six months of graduation.