Cristóbal Cobo launches Universidad Europea Education Forum

Universidad Europea opened the second edition of the ‘Education. Educate to Transform’ forum with an event that focused on the opportunities that technology offers education. This first session of the forum was delivered by Cristóbal Cobo, an educational researcher at Oxford University.

Cobo discussed how technology has revolutionized society and has a growing impact on education. “The value of knowledge and the way we learn has been redefined. If we made a tower of books of information in the world, the tower would reach from here to Pluto 20 times,” said Cobo. The challenge, he said, is not in how to access information, but in having time to process it.

Cobo highlighted the enrichment that new technologies bring to training.”I don’t think we should fight technology. We need to introduce it in the classroom in a way that allows teachers to use it without fear.” In education today, the teacher must become “a dynamic force that poses challenges for students to learn with the tools they have on hand. In this ecosystem, complexity is increased because students need to exert greater dedication and effort to get something from the teacher.”

Cobo is an associate at the Internet Institute at Oxford University, a partner in a number of different projects developed for the European Commission and co-author, with J. Moravec, of “Invisible Learning: Towards a New Ecology of Education,” among other works. His presentation opened the second edition of the education forum this year, which also features the participation of experts like former education minister Angel Gabilondo and Adrian Kearney, director of the International Baccalaureate Foundation for Africa, Europe and the Middle East.