Cibertec students build inexpensive ventilator for COVID-19 patients - Laureate

Cibertec students build inexpensive ventilator for COVID-19 patients

Cibertec Students Use Their Knowledge for Good

With a large number of Peruvians suffering from lung infections as a result of COVID-19, and a lack of ventilators in hospitals, four Cibertec students have developed a mechanical respirator that is not only highly functional, but very cost effective.

While there are not enough ventilators accessible for patients in Peru, those that are available come at a cost of between 10,000 and 40,000 Peruvian soles each. In comparison, the Cibertec prototype costs just 500 soles.

The four students, with the assistance of their teacher, developed the ventilator as part of their study of Industrial Mechatronics. “We were convinced that our initiative had to be very useful for these times and we developed it with all the knowledge acquired at the institute,” said 18-year-old student, Joshua Silva Almonacid. 

Joshua built the respirator with fellow students Renzo Sedán Taco, Rusmell Mejía Sánchez and Gianfranco Patiño Gómez.

The teacher in charge of the project, Cibertec’s Jorge Malca, said the ventilator is a simple solution to a serious problem. “The main objective is to support, in a simple way, medical efforts through the equipment. This respirator would be useful for patients who require attention and automatic oxygen flow control,” Jorge explained.

The emergency artificial respirator has an LCD screen, which shows the breathing parameters in real time, along with two buttons to raise and lower the rate, flow and pressure of air that the patient requires.

The project is currently undergoing trials, and seeks to achieve the necessary certification so that it can be used by patients in urgent need.

This Laureate Heroes story, like many others across our institutions, highlight the great commitment of our students and faculty to social impact. We acknowledge and thank them for their meaningful contribution to the people of Peru.