CIBERTEC Granted 5-year Licensing by the Peruvian Ministry of Education

CIBERTEC has been granted a 5-year license by the Peruvian Ministry of Education to continue offering technical education in the country. The licensing process certifies that an institution meets or exceeds established standards to provide education and grant degrees. The process evaluates institutions based on five areas: institutional management, academic management and study programs, physical infrastructure and learning resources, availability and quality of faculty, and a financial management model that is compatible with education purposes. 

The licensing process included the assessment and validation of CIBERTEC’s 28 programs across its seven campuses in cities including Lima, Callao, Arequipa, and Trujillo. “With this process, we promise our students that our equipment, infrastructure, and curriculum comply to the demands of the local and international job market,” said Gustavo Morales Flores, CIBERTEC General Director of Campuses.

“We believe that education has the power to transform lives and seek to offer the highest possible quality higher education programs. Besides institutional licensing, in 2009, we began the process to accredit all of our programs, and now, our institution has the highest number of accredited programs in Peru,”

added Flores.