Centro Universitário FMU Celebrates 50 Years of Serving Students and Communities in Brazil

Centro Universitário FMU has been celebrating its fiftieth anniversary all year long. To commemorate this important milestone, the institution and its community have developed a series of initiatives to bring students and faculty closer to the rich history of the institution.

One of the highlights of the year-long celebration is the creation of a web series that gathers the stories of the men and women who have been a part of FMU’s half-century of history. The first episode of the series tells the moving story of Raquel de Oliveira Fonseca and her daughter, Ivelise Cruz, who is part of the FMU team. Raquel was the first person in her family to graduate from university and she explains how FMU changed her personal and professional life.

Another milestone was the organization of an itinerant alumni hall, where former students discuss their career paths and choices, highlighting the moments in their academic experience at FMU that helped shape their vision and future.

FMU celebrates 50 years of helping thousands of students achieve their dreams and build a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities. Click here to learn more about FMU and its rich 50-year history.