Centro Universitário Do Norte Opens First Veterinary Hospital in The Amazon in Manaus

Centro Universitário do Norte (UniNorte) recently became the first higher education institution in Brazil’s Amazon region to have a Veterinary Hospital where students acquire real-life skills and training. Open to the public, the UniNorte Veterinary Hospital is the first of its kind with specialized infrastructure for small animals.

The Veterinary Hospital helps students obtain valuable hands-on training. The new hospital’s facilities will support the areas of: medical and clinical surgery, laboratory, and pathological and physiotherapeutic medicine. In addition, the hospital will be able to offer low-cost services to the general population in a first-class facility.

The UniNorte Veterinary Hospital will offer the following services:

  • Clinical care (pets and wild animals)
  • Surgical services
  • Therapy
  • Laboratory tests
  • Diagnostic imaging (radiology and ultrasound services)
  • Pathologic anatomy
  • Vaccination
  • Fluid therapy
  • Physiotherapeutic care

Click here to learn more about the UniNorte Veterinary Hospital in Manaus (in Portuguese).