Centro Universitário da FG Appoints New Rector - Laureate

Centro Universitário da FG Appoints New Rector

In December 2016, Faculdade dos Guararapes (FG) was accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Education, becoming the first University Center of Jaboatão dos Guararapes, the largest city located in the metropolitan area of Pernambuco’s capital, Recife. Because of its status upgrade, FG now has a rector as the head of the institution, and selected the Academic Director of FG, Pierre Lucena Ph.D., for the position.

Dr. Lucena was officially appointed rector in a ceremony attended by two Brazilian ministers: Mendonça Filho, Minister of Education, and Minister of Defense, Raul Jungmann, as well as by high ranking state authorities, faculty and institutional representatives. Also in attendance were Laureate Brazil CEO, José Roberto Loureiro, Chief Academic Office, Prof Dr. Oscar Hipólito, among other members of Laureate Brazil’s executive board.

As a University Center, FG now has the autonomy to create, organize and terminate individual programs and degrees, as well as relocate or expand locations in their existing programs. FG was accredited as a University Center due to its wide range of higher education programs, including undergraduate programs, extension courses and graduate programs—master’s and Ph.D. degrees.