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Celebrating Half a Century of Music

As a young child, Antonio Ginocchio was inspired by every tune he heard and knew he wanted to be a musician. He set out to make that dream come true by teaching himself to play the trumpet. 

Now, with more than 50 years of experience in the industry, UPC recently celebrated Antonio’s illustrious career, which includes performing at a national and international level, and working in musical production as a session musician, and as an educator. 

The talented trumpeter has performed with artists of different genres, delighting audiences with his talent and versatility. This includes countless musical pieces encompassing jazz, salsa, reggae and funk, and sharing the stage with Peruvian icons, such as one of country’s foremost Afro-Peruvian musicians, Eva Ayllón; singer song-writer and actor, Gian Marco; and Latin bands Las Estrellas de la Salsa and Saravá All Stars. 

In addition to his hugely successful performing career, Antonio has shared his knowledge and experience to train a new generation of Peruvian musicians in his role at UPC. For the past 11 years, Antonio has taught in the University’s music program, and since 2017 has been the co-director of the Peruvian Music Ensemble for UPC.

Although his skills were self-taught, Antonio’s musical training has been defined by discipline, perseverance and continuous improvement – a message he delivers to his students.

To Antonio, music is everything. “Music is a universal language that has the ability to connect us,” he says. 

He adds the thrill of performing never leaves him. “The emotions before going on stage are indescribable and it seems like the very first time. It is a huge pleasure to feel recognized for what you do.” 

Speaking of recognition, Antonio’s career has been celebrated over the years by a wide range of institutions – from being awarded Best Instrumentalist Musician by Cristal, to celebrated for 50 years of experience by Peru’s National Society of Interpreters and Performers of Music.

As with these institutions and UPC, Laureate congratulates Antonio on his successful and longstanding career, and recognizes the inspiration and contribution he has made to his students over the past 11 years.

You can hear more of Antonio’s story and listen to his music at: UPC Cultural.