Students – Laureate
February 8, 2021   •  Students

UPN Students Design a Robot That Can Detect People Without Face Masks

A team of electronic engineering students from UPN has designed a remote-controlled robot prototype that can recognize people not wearing face masks, and collect disused masks from the ground using its robotic arm.... Read More »

November 27, 2020   •  Students

UPN Student Invention Helps Address a COVID-19 Challenge

“We saw the demand for home deliveries was growing at an accelerated rate, but not in the most efficient way to ensure that the products arrived in optimal hygienic conditions"... Read More »

November 19, 2020   •  Students

A Challenging Journey to Higher Education

Living with Cerebral Palsy has not prevented Guadalupe Martha (Lupita) Rivera Montoya from pursuing her dream of studying at university.... Read More »

September 14, 2020   •  Students

Young Filmmakers Enjoy International Success and Contribute to Change in Attitudes Towards People with a Disability

A team of UPN students has won an international short film award for their documentary based on the life of a Peruvian poet and former Special Olympic athlete living with Down's Syndrome.... Read More »