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October 22, 2018   •  Faculty

Building a Better Life for Children in Foster Care

Lorena Vidal (second from right to left) and Marcelo Lucero (fifth from right to left) with a group of volunteers and special guests from AIEP during the inauguration of the project.... Read More »

October 22, 2018   •  Faculty

Bringing Health and Wellness to Vulnerable Communities in Sao Paulo

Professor Elaine Peixoto (left) and Professor Mário Vicente Guimarães. (Right) at a recent Medicos de Rua event. To help improve the health and wellness of homeless people living in São Paulo, Brazil, Professor Mário Vicente Guimarães.... Read More »

October 1, 2018   •  Faculty

Universidad del Valle de México Alumni and Professor Create Prosthetic Hand for Children

Children who were either born without a hand or have lost a hand to an accident, may now have a happier life, thanks to Josué Rico and Marte Espejo, alumni and professor, respectively, from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico’s Guadalajara Sur campus, who have created a prosthetic hand.... Read More »

September 5, 2018   •  Faculty

Laureate Leadership Perspectives – Aimee Leishure, Senior Vice President Business Transformation, Laureate Education

This month we had the privilege of talking to Aimee Leishure, Laureate’s Senior Vice President of Business Transformation, who talks about her 19-year leadership journey at Laureate, the vision and values that have kept her motivated through the years, leading through change, and the importance of having the students at the center of all we do.... Read More »

July 27, 2018   •  Faculty

Laureate Leadership Perspectives – Timothy Grace, Chief Human Resources Officer, Laureate Education

In this edition, we give a warm welcome to Timothy Grace, Laureate’s new Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), who shares some of his career highlights, how he became inspired by Laureate, and his vision for the role and future of the HR function in our organization.... Read More »