April 7, 2020   •  CEO

Celebrating World Health Day: Honoring a Generation of Health Professionals

Our nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals are the heroes we need right now, and their work has never been more important.... Read More »

April 1, 2020   •  CEO

Celebrating 21 Years of Impact

Over the past twenty-one years we have graduated millions of students around the world. Students who have benefited from the wisdom of our expert faculty, the determination of their peers, and the commitment of our staff. ... Read More »

March 24, 2020   •  CEO

An Open Letter to all Laureate Students

It will be the scientists, researchers, doctors, nurses, first responders, and all those working in our grocery stores (and throughout their supply chains) that will get us through this period.... Read More »

September 27, 2019   •  CEO

Remaining True to our Purpose – Why I’m Proud Laureate is a B Corp

Over the past two months, there have been several moments that have made me feel an even deeper sense of pride in our status as a Certified B Corp and Public Benefit Corporation. ... Read More »

March 8, 2019   •  CEO

Celebrating International Women’s Day

I’ve always known that communities, companies and countries are strongest when people are united, not divided. When we see strength in diversity, and do not fear difference.... Read More »