Business Leader and Writer Max Gehringer Visits UniNorte

Max Gehringer recommends that students get into the job market as soon as possible, even before finishing college. Gehringer, a well known Brazilian business leader and writer, became nationally known on the program “The Conciliator.” He spoke to nearly two thousand people in the Manaus Plaza Convention Center about employment and professional careers. His visit was part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of Centro Universitário do Norte (UniNorte). 

“Today it is much easier for people to earn a college degree, but experience in the labor market, as soon as it can be acquired, is the best path to finding work after you graduate,” he said.

Gehringer has served as chief executive officer of large multinational companies, both in Brazil and abroad, and presented his vision of the job market which he said is not definitive or absolute. “The job market is always changing and there are always major challenges to overcome,” he added.

The lecture was delivered exclusively to students, faculty and guests at a packed auditorium. Gehringer shared his personal experiences with apapting to working at a very young age and addressed the essential role that motivation plays in the workplace. He added that employers need to contibute as well and offer their employees something that motivates them. When asked about the impact of starting to work at the young age of 12 years old, Gehringer explained that he benefited from getting an early understanding about management, hierarchy and injustice in the workplace.

Gehringer’s presentation was the first of the UniNorte Presence Lectures of 2014, which will bring leading personalities from various fields to share their experiences with students and teachers.