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Online Education: Bridging the Generational Divide

Heriberto Arista is a much-loved 94-year-old Professor from UNITEC in Mexico City. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Heriberto transitioned from running his classes on campus, to delivering them online for the first time and supporting his students remotely.

“When I started teaching at UNITEC, I only had chalk and an eraser as tools. During more than 30 years of teaching, I have gone through all the technologies: acetates and light projectors, digital whiteboards, and finally today, at my 94 years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am teaching through an online platform.”

While he recognizes teaching online can be a challenge, Heriberto acknowledges the importance of technology and believes adapting to change is key to improvement. “In these moments of change, empathy must be a fundamental value,” he said.

Heriberto commenced teaching at UNITEC in 1985, after being a General in the army. He proved that age is no barrier when he studied his Master’s degree at the age of 85. Today, he teaches Models of Business Management and Administration.

During his career at UNITEC, Heriberto has taught his son-in-law and two of his grandchildren. They, like Heriberto, are proud UNITEC graduates.

A devoted teacher with a commitment to lifelong learning, Heriberto said: “I am passionate about teaching. I like to structure classes and I am always reading and updating my knowledge.”

Thank you, Heriberto, for the impact you continue to have on our students, particularly in these unprecedented times.

You are a wonderful example of a Laureate Hero.