AIEP joins more than 100 organizations to celebrate B Corp Day in Chile

In June, over 400 people gathered at the B Corp Day event to celebrate the impact of the B Corp movement in Chile and discuss topics ranging from sustainability to human development.

The event, organized by Sistema B Chile (B Lab’s sister organization in Latin America), brings together a wide range of different organizations who all share the common goal of improving the lives of Chileans and the planet as a whole.

“We are very pleased with how this movement has grown. Today we are a group of 150 companies. Six years ago, we were just a couple of organizations that wanted to change the world.”

Alfredo Zepeda, Executive Director of Sistema B Chile. “

Instituto Profesional AIEP was among many organizations that participated. Institutional leaders say it’s important to belong to this particular ecosystem of organizations doing good in the world.

“AIEP not only works hard to renew this certification, but also to sustain its purpose as a social actor over time, promoting the conscious trend as a strategic partner of Sistema B,” said Felipe Chaparro, AIEP’s Director of Innovation. “The call is for our entire community to join this movement.”

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