AIEP Hosts Students from Nine Countries in the 2018 Laureate Culinary Cup

This June, Instituto Profesional AIEP hosted the international gastronomic contest for the second time since 2010. The fifth edition of the Laureate Culinary Cup, held in Santiago, Chile, on June 4-6, received 12 student teams from nine Laureate countries: Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Turkey.

The biannual competition invites students from across the Laureate network to share their culture and the flavors of their countries through their culinary creations. During the competition, the student teams present to the judges a four-course meal that showcases their cooking skills and unique aspects of their local gastronomy and culture. 

“Hosting this global event for the second time is a great honor and responsibility for AIEP. We have been working hard since last year to organize and host over 70 people from nine different countries,”

said Fernando de la Fuente, director of the AIEP School of Gastronomy and Hospitality. 

The first Laureate Culinary Cup was held in Kendall College in Chicago in 2011 and since then has been hosted by Mexico, Chile, and Panama. 

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