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UEM students win Journal of Advertising contest


UEM students win at the Journal of Advertising contest

Teams from UEM take the three top prizes

Undergraduate students from UEM’s Advertising program joined together to create The Pitching Minds group that split into five teams to participate in the CinesSpot contest that was organized by The Journal of Advertising in collaboration with Discine. The contest aimed to increase the visibility of using creative film in unconventional formats.

In the contest, student teams were provided with briefings on two real companies (Genesis Insurance and Campofrío). Based on the briefings, students had to develop an impactful campaign, relevant to the product, timeless and above all, exploiting the many possibilities offered by the medium of film.

The 5 student teams from The Pitching Minds group from Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) created a series of ad-hoc videos and audiovisual projects with very high production values​​, all supported by a presentation of the creative and strategic concepts that were of the same quality delivered by experienced professionals.

At the end of the contest, the 3 prizes in the contest were awarded to teams from UEM. The best summary of the quality of the work was provided by the CEO of Discine, Juan Carlos Aparicio, "I think that at the student level, the pieces presented were on average of very high quality. Some of the work was really magnificent. I think that seeing their work projected will be very important for the professional development of these students.”