BiTS (Business and Information Technology School)


BiTS ranks among the top business and media universities in Germany


BiTS ranks among the top business and media universities in Germany


BiTS ranks among the top business and media universities in Germany

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BiTS University of Business Leadership is a private, state-accredited institution of higher education. Founded in Iserlohn in 2000, BiTS has expanded to include a campus in Hamburg and in Berlin, and absorbed BTK University of Applied Science in 2017. Given this geographic diversity, BiTS offers something for every taste: the pulsating life of world-class metropolitan centers as well as the nurturing, natural environment of Iserlohn, known as the Forest City.

At every campus, we teach our students using innovative methods and stress the practical relevance and application of topics studied. As one of Germany's top private business schools, we focus not just on knowledge delivery, but also foster the development of an entrepreneurial mindset and the soft skills required to succeed in a global market.

With small class size, experienced instructors and close working relationship with many companies BiTS will gain unique insights regarding life in Germany on both a social and economic level.

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BiTS University is offering high quality education, certified and accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities, the German Wissenschaftsrat. BiTS is providing a highly practical education and network with real-life projects and extensive cooperation with more than 600 business partners.

BiTS offers undergraduate and graduate programs with an emphasis on business and management studies, business law, communication, media and journalism, sports and event management, business psychology and green business management, and an art & design school, which delivers degree programs in communication, photography, design and illustration and game design.

Currently BiTS offers the following programs:


  • Business Law (LL.B.)
  • Communication & Media Management (B.Sc.)
  • Business & Management Studies (B.Sc.)
  • Green Business Management (B.Sc.)
  • Int. Management for Service Industries (B.Sc.)
  • Business Psychology (B.Sc.)
  • Journalism & Business Communication (B.A)
  • Business & Technology Management (B.Sc.)
  • Sport & Event Management (B.Sc.)
  • Automotive Techn. Mgt. (Specialisation in Business & Technology Mgt.)
  • Soccer Management (Specialisation in Sport & Event Management)
  • Automotive Management (Specialisation in Business & Management Studies)


  • Business Psychology (M.Sc.)
  • Corporate Management (M.Sc.)
  • Entrepreneurial Economics (M.Sc.)
  • Int. Sport & Event Management (M.A.)
  • Finance & Management (M.Sc.)
  • Marketing Management (M.A.)
  • PR & Corporate Communication (M.A.)

Dual & extra-occupational

  • BWL & Steuern dual (B.Sc.)
  • Business & Management Studies (B.Sc.)
  • Corporate Management (M.Sc.)
  • Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (B.Sc.) dual praxis integrating
  • Sport & Event Management dual (B.Sc.) at ALBA BERLIN College

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BiTS students are engaged for society. Various initiatives, the so called student-ressorts, have been founded and organized by students, for e.g. helping refugees in many issues or training people how to apply for jobs. Other students are engaged to take care for elderly people or organize blood donations.

BiTS University ranks amongst the 25 best universities worldwide in international orientation (according to U-Multirank 2016 in cooperation with CHEPS and CHE. 1.300 universities rated in 90 countries).