The William C. Dennis, Jr. Scholarship for International Studies

The William C. Dennis, Jr. Scholarship for International StudiesBackground
The William C. Dennis, Jr. Scholarship for International Studies was created to provide students from the Laureate International Universities network enrolled in institutions in Latin America to participate in a life-changing international study abroad program.

The scholarship program was created by Douglas Becker to honor the pivotal role Mr. Dennis played in the growth and success of the Laureate International Universities network. Mr. Dennis joined Laureate in October 2001 and currently serves as Laureate’s vice chairman. Before he was appointed to his current role, Mr. Dennis served as president of Laureate's Latin America operations and led the rapid growth and successful expansion of the Laureate network into Mexico, Chile, Brazil and other countries throughout Central and South America. As of the end of 2014, more than 750,000 students are enrolled in and completing undergraduate and graduate degrees at the more than 30 institutions in Laureate Latin America.

The scholarship will be awarded to three extraordinary students from Laureate network institutions in Latin America each year who demonstrate a passion for participating in an international study abroad degree program and who show potential to leverage that experience to excel in their studies and life.

Principles of the Scholarship

  • Three undergraduate students from Latin American institutions in the Laureate International Universities network will receive a full tuition scholarship and a grant to help cover room & board for study abroad at any other institution in the Laureate network.
  • The scholarship will cover programs lasting up to one full academic year. If a Dennis Scholar wishes to extend beyond one full academic year, they will be responsible for any additional charges.
  • The winners of the Dennis Scholarship will be selected by the Dennis Scholarship Selection Committee, which is composed of leaders from the Laureate Latin America management team. The Dennis Scholarship Selection Committee will make their decision based on the quality of the application package they receive and the ability of applicants to fully show how participating in this program will positively impact their lives. The decisions of the Dennis Scholarship Selection Committee are final.


  • The scholarship program is available to all undergraduate students enrolled in Laureate institutions in Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Brazil.
  • Each participating institution may nominate one student for the scholarship each year.
  • Students must be in good standing at their home institution at the time of application and participation in the program.
  • Students must be eligible to receive a student visa from the country they wish to visit. In the case a student is not eligible, they may select another country.
  • A copy of the complete rules and regulations is available here.

Application Process

Each participating Laureate institution will conduct an internal competition of students, utilizing criteria developed by that local institution, who are interested in applying for the scholarship program and will nominate their top candidate to represent their institution.

The student selected to reach the final selection round will need to prepare the following:

  • Essay (500 words or less) on the reasons how participating in this program will change the life of the applicant.
  • A short statement regarding the institution and country the student wishes to attend through the program. If language is different from home country, student must be able to prove language proficiency.
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members, supervisors, or others who know the candidate that attest to why they support this candidate’s application for the scholarship.
  • Letter from institutional contact person confirming the student is that specific institution’s representative in the competition.
  • Personal video statement from student, loaded to a secure YouTube channel, about who they are and why they should be a Dennis Scholar (up to five minutes).

Each participating institution will submit a complete application package to the committee contact person by April 17, 2015. The committee will convene and will select the winner by May 1, 2015. Winners and runners up will be notified shortly thereafter.