2016 Here For Good Award Winner Ganesh Muren Meets With President Obama in Singapore

Ganesh Muren, social entrepreneur and winner of the 2016 Laureate Here for Good Awards, recently met with President Obama and other social innovators from ASEAN nations to discuss the role of youth in creating economic opportunities and contributing solutions to urgent problems.

Ganesh is the founder of Saora Industries, a startup which works to provide access to clean water to remote villages in Malaysia and other countries. A student at INTI International University & Colleges in Malaysia, Ganesh was awarded the top honor of the 2016 Laureate Here for Good Awards.

The meeting with President Obama included representatives from all ASEAN nations. The main objective of the meeting was to discuss how to involve more youth in initiatives focused on the greater good in society.

“I was surprised to know that President Obama would be attending the meeting in person. During the meeting, I realized that there is much more than can be done to improve life in rural communities, such as increasing women’s participation and teaching children valuable IT skills,”

said Ganesh while recounting his experience.

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