China’s Entertainment Queen Xie Na Awarded Domus Academy Scholarship


China’s Entertainment Queen Xie Na Awarded Domus Academy Scholarship

Domus Academy granted a full scholarship for postgraduate studies and a certificate of honor to Xie Na, a well-known TV host, singer and actress from mainland China.

As a leading host in Chinese variety shows, Xie rose to fame as the host of a variety show called Happy Camp in 2002. Her optimism and positive energy became popular among audiences and her more than 89 million followers on social media. Always striving to learn and innovate, she has always been passionate about pursuing opportunities of higher education.

"Innovation in education methods and cooperation with professionals from businesses and industries define the fundamental purpose and uniqueness of our institutions," said Marc Ledermann, CEO of Domus Academy and NABA.

In 2016, UNI-CLASS, an initiative of UNI Global Art School Alliance, created the "Infinite Global Innovation" program to recognize outstanding young talents from different industries, enabling them to further their studies and achieve innovation in design and art programs. Xie’s positive and enterprising spirit won high praise from Domus Academy and she was granted a full scholarship.

"It’s a great luck and honor for me to receive a full scholarship from Domus Academy. Indulging in a strong design and creative ambience at the campus, I met outstanding professors and was inspired by a thirst for knowledge," said Xie.

"I’m looking forward to this opportunity of further study, I hope to explore and learn the essence of design for the future at one of the top schools of higher education in Europe." Majoring in creative design and fashion management, Xie will begin her studies at Domus Academy in March.

"As one of the world most prestigious institutions of fashion, design, and architecture, Domus Academy is a lab full of vigor and vitality. It is an academy to nurture talents, a springboard for interdisciplinary exploration, and a booster for innovation and bright career prospect," said Ms. Line Ulrika Christiansen, Head of Domus Academy.

"On behalf of Domus Academy, I'd like to extend my warmest congratulations to Xie Na for receiving our full scholarship. We hope she will achieve more amazing breakthroughs through further study in Domus Academy."

Domus Academy and NABA have been collaborating with Tsinghua University for many years on design and fashion initiatives. Xie Na’s visit to NABA and Domus Academy represents a basis for the development of further joint projects in the area of fashion.