22/10/2014 Former British Prime Minister Inspires Students and Graduates of Universidad del Valle de México
20/10/2014 Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas Spotlights Accomplishments of International Youth Leaders
12/09/2014 FMU Education Group Joins the Laureate International Universities Network
11/09/2014 Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Addresses Students at INTI International University and Colleges in Malaysia
10/07/2014 Laureate Education Announces 2014 Here for Good Award Winners
10/06/2014 Laureate and Local Volunteers Build New Playground for Baltimore School
09/06/2014 Students Say Postsecondary Education of the Future Should Focus on Employability and Career Growth
29/05/2014 President Bill Clinton Inspires Students During Visit to Universidade Europeia in Lisbon, Portugal
12/05/2014 IMF Chief Discusses Need for Higher Education to Support Advances in Developing World
06/05/2014 IMF Chief to Meet with Students at Laureate’s Université Internationale de Casablanca
28/04/2014 Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Provides Insights on the Impact of Education to Students and Faculty of Laureate’s Hunan International Economics University
04/04/2014 Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Applauds Laureate’s Student Focus at Campus Eiffel in Paris
13/03/2014 NSAD Receives Accreditation by Western Association of Schools and Colleges
12/03/2014 Glion Institute of Higher Education Names Judy Hou Chancellor
11/02/2014 Walden University Survey Finds Schools and Universities Play Important Role in Positive Social Change
30/11/2012 Glion Institute of Higher Education Opens New Branch Campus in London
10/10/2012 Istanbul Bilgi University Hosts Significant Gathering of Young Leaders from Around the World
03/10/2012 Laureate Brings Renowned World Business Forum to 60,000 Students Around the Globe
23/09/2012 Over 50,000 students worldwide to get “front-row seat” at annual New York meeting of Clinton Global Initiative via the first live webcast to the Laureate International Universities network
22/09/2012 The Honorable Tony Blair promotes importance of education in fostering a peaceful global society in keynote to students and faculty at Universidad del Valle de Mexico
13/09/2012 Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former U.S. secretary of state, and Ehud Olmert, former prime minister of Israel, deliver keynote address at the 2012 BiTS Campus Symposium
27/08/2012 Dr. Óscar Arias Sánchez, former president of Costa Rica and Nobel Laureate, inspires students in the Laureate International Universities Network
23/07/2012 Four Nobel Laureates address students and faculty at Istanbul Bilgi University during World Congress of the Game Theory Society
21/07/2012 President Bill Clinton delivers message focused on linkage between higher education and economic development to Laureate International Universities member institution in Cyprus
25/05/2012 Laureate International Universities brings the World Innovation Forum to the campuses and classrooms of its global network of universities
08/05/2012 President Bill Clinton inspires leadership commitment among students during visits to Laureate International Universities member institutions in Mexico and Honduras
04/04/2012 Dai-ichi Life Vietnam and Laureate International Universities introduce the “Priority Enrolment Program of Overseas Study in the U.S.”
02/04/2012 Laureate International Universities Sponsors Students at Fifth Annual Clinton Global Initiative University
07/03/2012 UEM hosts emotional tribute to the “Living Treasures of Television”
24/02/2012 The National Hispanic University praised by Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa for “invaluable commitment to a high quality education”