Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM)


UEM is one of the largest private universities in Spain.


90% of UEM students attain employment within 12 months of completing their studies

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Universidad Europea de Madrid is a leader in innovation.


UEM is one of the largest private universities in Spain.


Universidad Europea de Madrid is a leader in innovation


UEM is one of the largest private universities in Spain

UEM logoEstablished in 1995, Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) is the largest private university in Spain, with more than 15,600 undergraduate and graduate students on two campuses in Madrid and one in Valencia. UEM offers a university education that is international, innovative and tailored to today's job market. UEM is a member of Universidad Europea.

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Universidad Europea de Madrid offers single, double and bilingual degrees, as well as advanced career and technical education programs. All UEM degrees are officially recognized and accredited.

Each of UEM’s seven programs (architecture, arts and communication, sports science, biomedical sciences, health sciences, social sciences and engineering) exercises independence in choosing teaching methodologies and theoretical and practical content. The School of Architecture from Universidad Europea de Madrid earned accreditation from the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) for its undergraduate and graduate degree programs. UEM is the first private university in Spain and the European Union to have their programs recognized by this internationally renowned accrediting agency.

UEM offers graduate programs in business (through IEDE Business School), law, engineering, health, architecture, art and design, sports and communication.

The launch of the Personal University confirms UEM’s position as a leader in innovation among Spanish institutions of higher education. The Personal University allows students to determine their weekly schedules, program lengths and enrollment dates. This gives professionals the flexibility to create schedules that are compatible with their working hours.

Additional information about UEM's academic programs is available at www.uem.es/en/academic-offer.

UEM has a variety of social responsibility programs initiated by its Social Responsibility Department, Environmental Department and Student Volunteerism Department. UEM’s social entrepreneurship program, YouthActionNet® Premios UEM Jóvenes Emprendedores Sociales, operates in collaboration with the Sylvan/Laureate Foundation and the International Youth Foundation.

UEM has an internal quality control program whose purpose is to promote a culture of continuous improvement in academics, teaching methods and university services. The success of the program is evidenced by the awards and distinctions UEM has received, including:

ISO 14001: UEM is the first Spanish university whose entire campus has been certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Standards.

Qualicert: UEM is the first university in the world to receive the Qualicert Service Standards certification for the quality of Comprehensive University Education.

2010 Madrid Excelente Certification Award, IVth edition: UEM was awarded the Madrid Excelente Certification for Client Loyalty in the category of Large Business.

EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Recognition: UEM received two recognitions for building a culture of quality and continuous improvement:

  • EFQM 200+ "Commitment to Excellence," awarded to the university as a whole
  • EFQM 400+ "European Excellence," awarded to our Dulce Chacón library for service standards

UEM students, alumni and faculty also have been recognized for various achievements, including:

Three UEM students recognized by the College of Architects of Madrid Three UEM students recognized by the College of Architects of Madrid
The Museum of Modern Art in New York adds work from a UEM Professor to their collection UEM professor's work added to the Museum of Modern Art in New York
UEM Professor receives a Goya for the animated film Wrinkles UEM professor received a Goya for the animated film "Wrinkles"
UEM students win at the Journal of Advertising contest UEM students won Journal of Advertising contest
UEM professor wins Network Security award UEM professor won award for her research from Network Security