Tim Daniels

CEO AsiaPac, Middle East & Africa

Tim Daniels, CEO, Asia, Middle East & Africa

Tim Daniels is the chief executive officer for AsiaPac, Middle East & Africa.

Mr. Daniels previously was the president of Apollo Global, where he focused on developing an international network of postsecondary operations for a joint venture between Apollo Group and The Carlyle Group. Before joining Apollo Global, Mr. Daniels was the chairman and chief executive officer of Wall Street Institute International, where he led the turnaround of the leading global provider of English language instruction.

Mr. Daniels also served as the managing director for Sylvan Ventures, where he was responsible for all aspects of K-12 sector investments, and senior vice president for strategic planning and new ventures at Promus Hotel Corporation, where he led the strategic planning and development of future sources of profit growth for the company.

Mr. Daniels also served in various executive leadership roles at Sylvan Learning Systems, USF&G Corporation, Family Business Insurance Group and Heller International Corporation.

Mr. Daniels earned his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and his B.A. in business administration from the University of Wisconsin.